Ernesto G. Roceles

In 1976, the PMA immersed itself in a number of significant projects, among them the representation of the marketing industry in the public hearing of the Consumer Code of the Philippines, then being formulated by the UP Law Center, the 8th National Marketing Conference, carrying the theme “Marketing in Transition … Changing Dimension …Changing Perspective” and an intensified recruitment drive which increased the membership by 50 percent.

The “Member Emeritus Award” was also established in recognition of the contribution made by outstanding members to the growth of the association as well as the development of marketing in the country. The PMA presented the First

“Member Emeritus Award” to Emilio Maceda (posthumously) and Anacleto T. del Rosario. The year also gave the association a more meaningful and symbolic logo which is now in use.

First ASEAN Marketing Conference

With the ASEAN emerging as a force for regional economic cooperation, the PMA organized the First ASEAN Marketing Conference in Manila in 1977, with the marketing delegates from the ASEAN member countries in attendance.

In the same year, the Code of Ethics for marketing was adopted and the Third “Member Emeritus Award” Was conferred on Vicente C. Dinglasan.

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