Philippine Marketing Association Celebrates 70th Anniversary with a Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

January 31, 2024

Philippine Marketing Association Celebrates 70th Anniversary with a Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

Manila, Philippines – On January 31st, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 70th year anniversary with a grand event held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom Ceremonial Hall. The occasion was not only a commemoration of seven decades of excellence in marketing but also a platform to inaugurate the incoming Board of Directors for the year 2024.

(Photo of Mr. Mark Vincent Co, CPM-Asia during the Welcoming Remarks)

The ceremony event commenced with welcoming remarks delivered by Mr. Mark Vincent Co, CPM-Asia, the Executive Vice President of the organization for 2023. 

(Photos of HALIGI Awards)

Following this, the HALIGI awards were presented to commendable members of the association. 

(Photos of PMA President 2023 by Mr. Sy Bryan Lato during his speech)

One of the main highlights of the ceremony was the Presidential Report by Sy Bryan Lato, CPM Asia, the outgoing President for 2023. Lato expressed gratitude for the support he received throughout his tenure and emphasized that the accomplishments of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) would not have been possible without the guidance and backing of everyone involved with the association. 

(More Photos of PMA President 2023 by Mr. Sy Bryan Lato during his speech)

Lato acknowledged that his journey as a young president, presented challenges, but the unwavering support of the PMA community helped him overcome these obstacles. He referred to the PMA as his second home; a community to which he truly belongs.He expressed appreciation to several individuals for their guidance and contributions during his presidency. 

(Photos of PMA President 2023  and PMA President 2024)

President Sy Bryan Lato also expressed confidence in handing over the reins to the incoming President-elect, Kathy Mercado, describing her as capable, gorgeous, and qualified to lead the organization. 

(Photos of PMA President 2023 Gavel turn-over to PMA President 2024)

The ceremony concluded with a symbolic gavel handover, signifying the transfer of leadership from Lato to Mercado. 

(Photos of PMA Board of Directors 2023 with Board of Directors 2024 with Past Presidents)

This is a testament to the unity and dedication within the PMA community and highlighted the importance of collaboration and support in achieving collective success.

(Photo from Left to Right: Jerry Ilao, Jenny Nepomuceno, Yas Neri-Soyao, Alpha Allanigui, Mitch Ballesteros, Ambassador Malik Melvin Castelino, Kathy Mercado, Cristina Oreta, Lawrence Sibayan)

( Mr. Kingson Sian during his inspirational speech)

Dignitaries from the hospitality and tourism industry graced the event, underscoring the importance of marketing in driving growth in these sectors. Among the notable attendees were Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco of the Department of Tourism, H.E. Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino Ambassador of Malaysia to the Philippines,and Mr. Kingson Sian, CEO and President of Travellers Group. Their presence underscored the industry’s support for the incoming Philippine Marketing Association’s 2024 Board of Directors and its President, Kathy P. Mercado, CPM, who is also the Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing of Newport World Resort.

( Photo of Pres. Kathy during her Inaugural Address)

Mercado, in her inaugural address, unveiled her theme for the presidency: “SustAInability Marketing.” With a clear emphasis on responsible and eco-friendly practices, Mercado aims to steer the association towards a path of long-term sustainability. In line with the evolving landscape of marketing, she also highlighted the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) as a pivotal tool and disruptor in contemporary marketing strategies

( Photo of EVP Mitch during her talk)

In the brief introduction and history of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) delivered by Michelle “Mitch” D. Ballesteros,CPM,  the incoming 2024 PMA Executive Vice President, a significant point was highlighted. Ballesteros emphasized that the traditional marketing approaches is no longer sufficient in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Instead, she advocated for strategic practices and mindsets that promote sustainable marketing and the utilization of relevant tools such as artificial intelligence (AI). Ballesteros introduced the concept of “metamorphosis,” within the marketing industry, describing it as a transformation of mindset. This transformation seeks to inspire consumers through relevant marketing practices that contribute to shaping a better future.

( Photo of Sec. Frasco during her talk)

A pivotal moment during the event was the proposal put forth by the Department of Tourism to forge a partnership with the Philippine Marketing Association. The aim is to promote sustainability initiatives that will not only enhance the industry but also contribute to the flourishing of local tourism.  The proposal aligns with the DOT’s belief that the love for one’s country should be the guiding principle in both tourism and marketing efforts. By prioritizing the promotion of the Philippines and its unique destinations, the partnership aims to introduce the country to the world and attract more international visitors. This collaboration between the Department of Tourism, hospitality industry, and the Philippine Marketing Association reflects a collective effort to address pressing environmental concerns while fostering economic growth.  

( Photo of Mr. Sian during his talk)

Kingson Sian, the CEO and President of Travelers International Group, and the Inducting Officer of the PMA 2024, also shared that the key elements for sustainable development in the Philippines are: People, Planet, Prosperity and Patrimony. This holistic approach recognizes the importance of considering the well-being of the local population, protecting the environment, ensuring economic prosperity, and safeguarding the country’s cultural heritage and natural resources.  Furthermore, Sian emphasized the influential power of ideas within the realm of marketing. By harnessing the Filipino marketers’ creativity and expertise, Sian believes that they have the potential to influence positive change and encourage more sustainable behaviors among both tourists and locals. 

( Photo of Noel Galvez during his talk)

In a keynote speech, Noel Galvez, President of the Kapisanan of the Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, emphasized the role of marketers in championing causes that transcend commercial interests. He stressed the importance of compelling narratives and responsible marketing practices in shaping societal values. Building on this sentiment, the PMA pledged to redouble its efforts in supporting sustainable marketing initiatives throughout the year.

( Photo of the new PMA officers and Board of Directors 2024 )

As the Philippine Marketing Association embarks on its 70th year journey, it remains committed to its mission of advancing the practice and profession of marketing in the Philippines. With a renewed focus on sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility, the association is poised to lead the industry into a future characterized by growth, resilience, and positive impact.

Congratulations to the PMA and its new officers and board of directors!


Kathy P. Mercado, CPM

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing 

Newport World Resort 

Executive Vice President

Michelle D. Ballesteros, CPM Asia

Chief Marketing Officer

Exlink Management & Marketing Services Corp.

Vice President & Director, Membership 

Marco Antonio C. Montes, CPM Asia

Region Head, Altos Region

Manulife Philippines

Board Secretary

Mark Vincent C. Co, CPM Asia

Marketing Manager 

Fair N Square Emporium


Ma. Cristina L. Oreta, CPM

Chairman, President / CEO

E Methods for Business Management

Director for National Marketing Conference

Joseph Albette R. Buddahim, CPM

VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Primer Group of Companies

Director for Agora Awards

Alpha Gracias C. Allanigui, CPM

Chief Partnership Officer

United Neon Media Group

Director for Chapters  

Jerry C. Yao, CPM Asia

Founder & CEO

TMSPH Trainings & Consultancy Services

Director for Continuing Education

Jerry Neil C. Ilao, CPM 


Olern, Inc.

Director for Government & Consumer Affairs

Jenny D. Nepomuceno

AVP – Marketing Communications

St. Peter Life Plan

Director for Youth & Academe

Leah Marie G. Ayeng, CPM

General Manager 

Prestige Quality Paper Products, Inc.

Director for PR & Corporation Communications

Hiyasmin C. Neri – Soyao

Chief Executive Officer

Shoppertainment Live

Director for Research

Germaine A. Reyes 

President & CEO

Synergy Market Research+Strategic Consultancy, Inc.

Director for General Membership Meeting & Fellowship

Faye Marie A. Martinez, CPM


AQAdvertising, Inc.

Director for Ways & Means

Lawrence Y. Sibayan, CPM

Vice President and Head of Managed Care

The Medical City

Director for International Affairs / Immediate Past President

Sy Bryan D. Lato, CPM Asia

Managing Director

360 Next Creative Solutions, Inc.

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