July 9, 2024


COAL PH Alignment (May 14, 2024) 

Representatives from PMA, the Creative Industries Council of the Philippines (CICP), the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), and the Direct Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP) gathered to explore potential collaborations. This meeting aimed to align efforts and create a cohesive strategy for the marketing industry in the Philippines. 

Big Bad Wolf Book Fair (May 16, 2024) 

PMA launched a partnership with Big Bad Wolf (BBW) books and Aseana Parqal to promote reading among Filipinos. The book fair, held from May 24 to June 2, aimed to reach 1 million Filipino readers with a wide range of discounted books. 

HOHO Manila Heritage Tour (May 22, 2024) 

The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) teamed up with the Department of Tourism to host an exclusive Manila Heritage Tour on May 16, 2024. This special event showcased Manila’s rich history through guided tours of key heritage sites, fostering appreciation for the city’s cultural legacy and its role in the nation’s history. 

This tour also highlighted the synergy between cultural preservation and marketing, serving as a unique platform for PMA members to explore the potential of cultural tourism. This initiative reflects PMA’s commitment to blending marketing strategies with cultural and historical education. 

Partnership with KBP (May 22, 2024) 

The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) recently formalized their commitment to sustainability in marketing and broadcasting by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership focuses on integrating sustainable practices into marketing strategies and broadcasting content, supporting educational initiatives, and fostering advocacy campaigns aimed at environmental responsibility. 


Asia Marketing Federation Meeting in Indonesia (May 10, 2024) 

PMA delegates, including Kathy Mercado, Sy Bryan Lato, Cristy Oreta, Gwen Albarracin, and Anniw Andanar, attended the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) meeting in Indonesia. They engaged with AMF Indonesian Royalty, Yogyakarta Princess Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Bendara, discussing international marketing trends and strengthening regional ties. 


Agora Mixers (May 20, 2024) 

The first Agora Mixers event was held at Alba Restaurant. This networking event provided a platform for marketing professionals to share insights, build connections, and discuss industry trends in a relaxed and engaging environment. 


Partnership with Our Lady of Fatima University (May 9, 2024) 

PMA established a partnership with Our Lady of Fatima University to advance youth and academic development, promising top-notch industry speakers, marketing education, and impactful educational events. 

Announcement of Agora Youth Awards (May 18, 2024) 

The Philippine Marketing Association’s Agora Youth Awards celebrates young talent and future leaders in marketing. This recognition underlines the potential and innovation that students bring to the marketing landscape, aiming to inspire and cultivate the next generation of marketing professionals celebrating young marketing talents. The announcement for the Agora Youth Awards was shared last May 18, 2024, and the finalists were announced in a Press Event held Last June 24. 

The Youth and Academe, represented by Director Leah Ayeng, also held several talks and activities to advocate Sustainability Marketing such as: 

Marketing Talk with Universities (May 4 & 5 2024) 

Mastering Marketing for the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Region III Council last May 5, 2024. 

Green Human-Centric Design: Putting People at the Heart of Sustainable Innovation and Marketing for JMA University of Makati last May 4, 2024. 

Interview on Sustainability Marketing (May 15, 2024) 

An interview on sustainability marketing was featured on The Leader’s Edge by the Southeast Asia Speakers and Trainers Bureau. 

ESG Workshop (May 17, 2024) 

Organized by the Global Compact Network Philippines (GCNP) at the Ayala Towers, Director Leah also joined this workshop focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in marketing. 

Sustainability Salo Salo (May 23, 2024) 

A brainstorming and collaboration event on sustainability initiatives, facilitated by Urban Farms PH, was also held to explore sustainable marketing practices.

PJMA – Madworld2024 (May 30, 2024) 

MadWorld 2024, organized by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association, is a prominent convention for marketing enthusiasts that took place on May 30, 2024, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. This event, themed “Experience in Motion,” focused on the latest trends in experiential marketing and provided a platform for networking and gaining industry insights. The program included discussions on innovative marketing strategies and offered participants opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers.  

MarkEx: For Educators (May 4, 2024) 

Faculty from Rizal Technological University (RTU) participated in the Philippine Marketing Association’s MarkEx program. The event, both physical and virtual, focused on ethical considerations, sustainability, and the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. Distinguished speakers like Josiah Go contributed insights on contemporary marketing challenges and opportunities. The hybrid format of the event facilitated extensive discussions and networking among academics and industry experts.  


Region 3 Pampanga Visit for PMA Pampanga (May 23, 2024) 

The province of Pampanga together with the Municipality of Guagua in cooperation with the Alliance of Travel and Tours Agencies of Pampanga (ATTAP) welcomed PMA members with a cultural and culinary experience like no other. The immersive tour formally commenced PMA chapters’ regional initiatives on engaging with marketing champions from provinces across the country by way of helping them promote local products and brands and highlight homegrown talent & ingenuity.  

First stop was the Giant Lantern & Tourism information Center, City of San Fernando where a short history of lantern-making was given followed by an actual demonstration of how to operate a giant parol. The group visited the Lau Group Events Place before heading to two great churches. San Guillermo Parish Church in Bacolor has been known to be the half-buried church due to the overflow of lahar when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991. Built in the 1600s, Santiago Apostol Parish Church in Betis boasts of its ornately painted ceilings, dramatically carved doorways and hallways that speak of grandiose-all perfect for a moment in solemnity.  

A courtesy call to the Municipality of Guagua with its Presiding Officer and council paved the way for a short dialogue on reinforcing PMA’s expansion objectives starting Region 3. Everyone feasted on Kapampangan dishes at the New Gen Farm in Lubao, which was a great “from farm to table” dining experience. Capped the tour with a visit to Comercio Central in Clark. 


3rd General Membership Meeting (May 29, 2024) 

The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) conducted its 3rd General Membership Meeting on May 29, 2024, focusing on sustainability marketing. The event, held at the Sequoia Hotel in Manila, emphasized strategic partnerships with key industry players to enhance member capabilities in sustainable practices. 

The meeting also underscored the importance of collaboration across sectors, aiming to foster a network that supports the growth and effectiveness of marketing strategies centered on sustainability. This approach highlights PMA’s commitment to leading and educating the marketing community in sustainable development initiatives. 


AI Mastery for Marketing Leaders 

PMA conducted a series of AI Mastery sessions for marketing leaders on June 8, 15, 22, and 29. These masterclasses provided attendees with insights into leveraging artificial intelligence in marketing strategies. The sessions covered AI trends, practical applications, and case studies, equipping participants with the knowledge to enhance their marketing efforts. 

Participants benefited from the expertise of industry leaders and received comprehensive training on AI tools and techniques. The program received positive feedback for its relevance and depth, making it a valuable addition to PMA’s educational offerings.  

Board Meeting (May 29, 2024) 

Held at Sequoia Hotel in Parqal Aseana City, the board meeting addressed strategic initiatives and future plans for PMA. Key topics included enhancing member engagement, expanding partnerships, and planning upcoming events. 

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