Jose Jesus F. Roces

In 2000 a more stronger and resilient PMA was seen. PMA proved among others that the economic crisis was not an obstacle in the leadership of Pres. JJ. Roces. Despite the falling peso value against the US dollar and the topsy-turvy stock exchanges, JJR was able to put the association liquid via breakthroughs and paradigm shifts.

For the first time, PMA has attracted more than 1,300 participants in its NMC and 600 attendees from its biennial Agora Conference. Another first, PMA’s membership has ballooned to 501 after its Member-Get-Member recruitment campaign was successfully launched.

MA’s 10th TOMAS-TOSMA and AGORA Awards were well-attended. NMW has overwhelmingly surpassed the 1996 record-breaking revenues.

Driven to achieve more fruitful results, PMA has initiated together with DTI, CFGP, NEWC and DSAP the celebration of Consumer Welfare 2000 by jointly organizing the Tri-Sectoral conference (Consumer, Business and Government) held in October.

On the international and global front, PMA has maintained its ties with quality relationship with the member-nations of APMF. It was well-represented in many APMF meetings and conferences in the just concluded fruitful year.

At the start of 2001, PMA was well focused and ready to take on bigger challenges… to reach out beyond the breakthroughs of Marketing, into higher realms of involvement and participation.

Six different seminars were again conducted during the year. Noteworthy to cite, the number of participants in these seminars in 2001 increased by 52% on the average compared with 2000. The highlight of this thrust in marketing and business education of PMA was the holding of the first ever Stratmark Lecture held at the Ateneo de Manila University on July 27 with a record 1,506 attendees.

Attendance in the 10 GMMs also improved by 12% compared with the preceding year. The National Marketing Conference drew a total of 936 participants which was lower than that of the 2000 NMC. The venue of the 2001 NMC was The Manila Hotel which can accommodate much less than the PICC, venue in 2000 which attracted 1,318 participants. Nevertheless, with higher registration fees, the net revenues in 2001 was even higher than 2000. The year 2000 and 2001 NMCs were both chaired by 1991 PMA President Josiah L. Go who became a 2001 TOYM Awardee for Business Education.

On governmental affairs, PMA continued to cement its relationship with the DTI. Aside from its involvement in the area of consumer welfare, PMA was also invited to be a member of the Committee on Marketing of the Small and Medium Business Development Council. In fact, the PMA presented by 1987 PMA President Fil Guba was elected Vice-Chair of the said Committee.

Internationally, PMA figured prominently in APMF Affairs. PMA hosted the APMF Board of Management Meeting (BOM), held at Oakwood, Ayala Center last May 24. At the APMF DBM, held on October 11-14, 2001 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the PMA Representative (Mr. Jose Jesus F. Roces) was elected 2nd VP for Y2002-2004 of the APMF.

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