Bienvenido S.  Policarpio

The economic clouds suddenly became heavy during the advent of the year 1998. Nonetheless, the Board was adamant!

It had to make a difference. 1998 was then at the economic pits of the decade, but it was in this year that the Agora Awards was launched by Chairman Erly de Guzman for worldwide franchise in the board meeting in Sri-Lanka. It was in this year that breakthrough ideas were implemented in the NMW and National Marketing Conference; it was in this year that Pres. Doods Policapio shared spotlights with APMF Pres.

Hermawan Kartajaya and author Philip Kotler in the Russian Marketing Conference in Moscow. It was also in this term, despite resistance from all economic indication, that the PMA with co-publisher Josiah Go launched the book “Marketing Excellence in Good Times and Bad.”

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