March 8, 2023


The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) is always privileged to welcome new members to the organization. Two distinguished marketers were inducted in the recent General Members Meeting (GMM). Let’s meet them. 


First-time corporate member IMAX Productions was represented during the induction by its General Manager Rico Gonzalez. He decided to join PMA because he realized that it “be helpful in educating us about the changing expectations, demands and needs of the 21st-century customer and to be able to anticipate how we can best respond and survive in the market we serve.” 

As a new member, it will “allow us to be a part of an ecosystem that can help us market our own goods and services through the PMA’s various activities, forums and programs.” 

Gonzalez has done corporate videos, marketing conferences/expos and event engineering & production, TV & Film production, and was also an advertising supplier for technical services.


Another first-time member, Cary Romeroso, Viatris Inc.’s Retail Business Executive, revealed that “it has always been a dream to be part of a prestigious and recognized organization since I was in college way back 2008.” 

He believes that PMA can support him “expand my horizon (by) … connect(ing) with the right people that could possibly become my mentor to help my profession and my business.”

Romeroso’s experience was mostly in the pharmaceutical industry’s sales, retail, trade marketing, and even key account management.

It’s never too late to be a PMA member as these two marketers attest to. A warm welcome to them and we hope to see you in our future activities! 

New learning?  Industry connections? Camaraderie?  PMA has indeed a lot to offer to its new members. Join our growing family!

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